Variety of IT professions at the RKI

What IT jobs could there possibly be at the RKI? For sure, employees in IT support and for server administration. But more than that?

How about bioinformatics, data science, database programming, artificial intelligence, IT project management, data engineering, IT security or media informatics? And of course, IT support and server administration.

And what do our employees in IT say about it?

"I worked in IT for financial companies for 14 years.

The move to the RKI was easy for me. I was surprised right from the start what technical know-how exists at the RKI. The technical working environment is definitely modern and flexible."

(Employee of IT 1, IT Control)


"I worked in the private sector for over 20 years in IT for software and system integration in different countries and companies.

I chose to work at the RKI because I want to continue doing varied tasks, especially in public health."


(Employee of IT 5, IT Production and Supply Management)

"For the last 2 years, I was mainly involved in the Corona projects (Corona warning app, CovPass (check) app) at the RKI.

In the middle of the Corona pandemic, I heard through personal contacts about a vacancy for a project assistant in the area of digital applications at the RKI. Coming from the event industry, the RKI gave me the opportunity to work on new projects."

(Employee of IT 5, IT Production and Supply Management)


"The reason why I started in IT at the RKI is the variety of tasks and activities.

And also the corporate culture. From standard IT to scientific and laboratory IT.

and laboratory IT. Knowledge is not kept to oneself here, but shared with each other and through the many different nationalities who work here at the RKI, this also results in a colourful and diverse source of knowledge."

(Employee of IT 1, IT-Control)

"Use public data, protect private data. Also in the field of public health. The staff at the RKI need a secure working environment and a resilient infrastructure. That's what I and my team are working on, to get closer to this goal every day. In this way, we want to contribute to our society in the field of public health."

(ISB, Information Security Officer)